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What does “not available” mean in the Scan History?

Modified on: Mon, 21 Feb, 2022 at 1:05 PM

The scan history gives you detailed insights into the duration of the three parts of the Siteimprove scans running on your sites.

The queue time, crawl time, and processing time are calculated using timestamps that Siteimprove uses for backend processes. If one of these timestamps is missing from our database, then one or more of the scan status times cannot be calculated, generating a “not available” message.

Read more about the Scan process.

Each scan status needs 2 timestamps to be generated:

  • Queue Time
    • Queue start time
    • Crawl start time
  • Crawl Time
    • Crawl start time
    • Crawl finished time (Crawl completed)
  • Processing time
    • Crawl finished time
    • Processing finished time (Report generated)

The total scan time can only be calculated when all three stages of the scan are complete. If any of the timestamps are missing, then the total scan time will show a “not available” message.

What are the reasons for the timestamps not being available?

There are several possible reasons for missing timestamps:

  • Scans that are currently active are pending. The scans need time to have their timestamps generated and the duration of the scan calculated.
  • If a crawl is canceled, then neither the crawl finished timestamp, nor the processing finished timestamp will be generated. Crawls are sometimes canceled, either manually or automatically, if settings need to be changed to crawl the site correctly.
  • Processing of the scan can be interrupted by a new scan starting. The processing finished timestamp would then be missing as it cannot be calculated. The Siteimprove products will then also not show any new results. The default frequency for a new scan to start after processing is done is 5 days. You can find the crawl frequency for your sites in your Crawler Management Site Overview in settings.
  • The queue start timestamp has been introduced with our new crawler on August 12, 2020. Any crawls happening before August 12 or before using the new crawler will not contain this timestamp. The queue time is therefore not available for those crawls. We have migrated all customer sites to the new crawler between January 2020 and December 10, 2020. Some sites might therefore only see a queue time around December 10 – but no later than December 30, 2020.

Why do I see an entry for a scan in the Scan History, but none in the Check History in Quality Assurance?

If any part of the scan has started, then a row will be created in the scan history. The Quality Assurance (QA) Check History will only update if all processing is finished and a report has been generated. The time when processing is finished and the report time in the Check History in QA will therefore match – as long as the timestamp is available.

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