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Why is "https:///" flagged as a broken link in QA?

Modified on: Mon, 13 Sep, 2021 at 2:59 PM

When the Quality Assurance (QA) module flags "https:///" or "http:///" as a broken link in QA, it means that your page contains an empty link.

The code for the problem link will look something like these examples:

(a) <href="http://"> , (b) <href="https://"> or (c) <href="">

Locating the broken link in the HTML code can be difficult.

To locate the empty link, we recommend you search for "http://" ,  "https://" or "href=""" in the HTML view of the Page report.

Code showing an example of href containing the first example mentioned in tis article

Further information on locating broken links and using the HTML view can be found in the article "How do I fix a broken link?"

Once you find the empty href tags, you can either remove the tag or edit it so that it contains a valid URL.

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