How are the colors in the DCI score determined?

Modified on: Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 at 5:14 PM

The Digital Certainty Index® (DCI®) is a measure of the quality and potential impact of a site's digital presence. You can learn more about this in the article What is the Digital Certainty Index® (DCI®)?

The colors shown on the DCI Score dial represent the number of points achieved on the DCI scale. The point range and associate colors are listed in the table below. 

Note: The colors are purely ornamental. They are always presented alongside an accessible score label.

Point range (≈) 
Color name Color code Color
0-30 Red #e8465e  
30-40 Hot rod


40-50 Angry orange


50-60 Orange


60-65 Dawn


65-70 Yellow


70-75 Primrose


75-80 Yellow Green


80-85 Mojito


85-90 Lime


90-95 Grass


95-100 Green