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Siteimprove Google Looker Studio connector and reports

Modified on: Thu, 4 Jan, 2024 at 8:17 PM

Note: You need to have an Administrator or Account owner role to configure a connection to Google Looker Studio, formerly Google Looker Studio.
Siteimprove is happy to help with questions regarding configuring the integration. Siteimprove does not provide support or product help for the third-party software with which you are connecting. Siteimprove Analytics data is not available in the GDS integration at this time. 

The Siteimprove Google Looker Studio (GDS) connector allows users to visualize Siteimprove data within GDS. The data is obtained via the Siteimprove API, which is available to all Siteimprove customers.

Setting up the GDS connector

  1. Use this Google Looker Studio link [Google link] and follow the instructions.
  2. Click the “Authorize” button to follow the authorization flow.
  3. Select/log in to the Google account you want to connect to.
  4. Select “Allow” in the popup window to give Siteimprove access to your account.
  5. Enter a Siteimprove API username in username field and API Key in Token field. The Siteimprove API username and API key can be obtained from the platform under Integrations > API > API Keys
    • The Siteimprove API key should be based on a user with access to the account you want to report on.
    • If you don’t already have a Siteimprove API key, you can create one in the Siteimprove platform at: Integrations > API > API Keys and click on “Create API Key”. See also “How to connect to the Siteimprove API
    • If you run into issues with this step there may be a separate username field under Settings > Users > Manage Users that you need to use for username that is different from your email address.
  6. Click “Connect” to continue to an overview of the data. Then you will see a list of all the data that we make available to Google Looker Studio.
  7. Click “Create Report” in the top-right menu to load the default report template.

Visualizing Siteimprove data in Google Looker Studio

Once logged in and connected to Siteimprove, you’ll have the same permissions to the Siteimprove data in GDS as if you were logged in to the platform.

Note: Not all data seen in the Siteimprove platform can be accessed via GDS, however, we are continually making more data available.

  1. Connect to the Siteimprove data in Google Looker Studio as described earlier in this article.
  2. You will see a list of all the data that Siteimprove makes available to GDS. This is the data that is available for you to create reports. You also have options to add extra fields or parameters if required.GDS_data_table
  3. From here you can create your reports by clicking on the “Create Report” button in the top menu bar.Create_report
  4. Then click the “Create Report” button on the popup modal.
  5. You will be presented with the Siteimprove introduction report template by default.
  6. You can select other templates available using the Page in the menu bar.  Selecting_a_new_template
  7. You can also create your own tables and graphs using the Siteimprove data (Dimensions and Metrics) available to the right of the dashboard.

To learn more about how to customize and explore this report and get started on creating your own reports please review the article -  Working with the Siteimprove Report template in Google Looker Studio (GLS).

For more information modeling data in GDS, see. “Looker Studio Help - Model your data [Google link]

Examples of GLS templates available

See also "Working with the Siteimprove Report template in Google Looker Studio (GDS)".

Siteimprove Introduction template


Account Overview Dashboard template


Quality Assurance Page Overview template


Note: Once you have completed the connection process, you’ll find Siteimprove listed as a partner connector under Google Connectors in GDS.

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