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What should I be aware of when deleting a user from the Siteimprove platform?

Modified on: Wed, 29 Jun, 2022 at 2:17 PM

Note: Only Account owners and Administrators can delete users.

You can delete a user at Setting > Users > Manage users.
Before deleting a user from the Siteimprove platform you should check the following:

Has the user scheduled any reports?

If so, those reports will not be sent when the user is deleted. It’s important that you set a new report owner in this case. You can change report owner at Dashboards > Reports > Manage Scheduled Reports. For information on scheduling reports, see Configuring Siteimprove Dashboards and Dashboard reports.

Is the user responsible for tasks that need to be reassigned?

If this user is responsible for checking content quality, accessibility requirements, SEO efforts or other company policies then these tasks should be assigned to someone else. For information on adding a new user see, How do I add a user?

Do any integrations use this user’s credentials?

We do not recommend using personal credentials to configure integrations. If this user’s credentials have been used for integrations (e.g. SSO, API, Google), then these integrations will need to be reconfigured. You can find out more about the Siteimprove integrations at Siteimprove Integrations.

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