Configuring Siteimprove Dashboards and Dashboard reports

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The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform (SIP) provides both system and customizable dashboards.

Dashboards allow you to easily monitor the data that is most important to you. You can easily email a Dashboard report or schedule the report to be sent regularly to your colleagues. 

This article covers: 

Gif showing a dashboard being created by exporting a component, then scheduling a report as described in this article

Pre-configured system dashboards

The following pre-configured system dashboards are available to use:

  • DCI Score Dashboard: DCI® Scores across modules (e.g. QA, Accessibility, SEO).
  • Management Dashboard: A top-level view of the state of your websites.
  • Editor Dashboard (QA): Quality metrics of interest to website editors.
  • Editor Dashboard (Accessibility): Accessibility metrics of interest to website editors.

Configuring Siteimprove Dashboards

Creating custom dashboards

Administrators and account owners can create custom dashboards from the components throughout the platform that can be added as dashboard widgets.

Check out the interactive tutorial "How to create your own dashboard".

  1. Click on "Dashboard" above the main left-hand menu. 
  2. Select the "New dashboard" button on the dashboard page.
  3. Give the dashboard a name and select the access preferred:
    • Shared - everyone can see it.
    • Only me - only the user creating it can see it.
  4. Once you add a custom dashboard click on "Add widget" to add the required components. 

There are no limits to the number of dashboards you can have on the account.

Adding widgets via the component

It is also possible to add a widget to a custom dashboard from the component view. 

Note: Only components with the export option “Add widget to dashboard” can be exported as a dashboard widget. See the article "What widgets can I have on my dashboard?" for a list of dashboard ready widgets.

To add a widget to a dashboard

  1. Navigate to the component you’d like to add (e.g. a table, graph, etc.)
  2. Select “Export” to the top right of the component
  3. “Add widget to dashboard”.
  4. Select the Dashboard and configure the widget as required. 

Widgets can be moved around the dashboard by dragging the title bar. It is also possible to edit the width of the dashboard widgets.

To edit, copy or remove a widget, use the edit options in the top right corner.

Dashboards can be shared across sites and accounts. Account or site-specific dashboard widgets may need to be reconfigured when re-using a dashboard template on another site or account.

Once dashboard reports have been created, you can share them via email and/or schedule reports to be sent on a regular basis.

Custom layout and text widgets

You can also customize and personalize your dashboard further with text, headings, images, and divider widgets.

Add these widgets using the buttons along the top of the dashboard or using the "Add widget" option.

  • Header: Add h1, h2, or h3 header to improve the readability of your dashboard.
  • Text: Add a text box with formatting, links, etc.
  • Image: Add an image, for example, a company logo.
  • Divider: A dividing line can improve the layout.


Can I resize the dashboard widgets?

Yes, you can resize the widget when adding the widget or via the edit option. Size options include: 25%, 50%, 75%, or the full width of a dashboard.

Dashboard Reports

How do I email a dashboard report?

  1. Click on the "Reports" dropdown at the top of the dashboard. 
  2. Select "Email report".
  3. Enter the email addresses of recipients.
  4. Enter a message, if required.
  5. Click on "Email Report"

dashboard_reports page showing the reports dropdown

How do I schedule a dashboard report?

  1. Click on the "Reports" dropdown at the top of the dashboard. 
  2. Select “Schedule Report”.
  3. Configure the report including, email address of recipients, report frequency and a message if required.
  4. You can preview the report using the “Preview Report”
  5. When complete click on “Schedule Report”.


How do I edit a schedule/recipients on a dashboard report?

  1. Click on the "Reports" dropdown at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Select “Manage scheduled reports”.
  3. Click on the "Edit scheduled report" icon to the right of the report you want to edit. You can also delete the schedule using the delete icon.
  4. Edit the report's email address, frequency, and message as required.
  5. When complete click on “Save Report Schedule”.

How do I customize my email template

You can customize report emails so they have the look and feel of your company. 

  1. Click on the "Reports" dropdown at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Select "Email templates".
  3. Select the "New email template" button. New_email_template
  4. In the custom email template, you can:
    • Edit email sender details
    • Add your organizations logo
    • Change the colors
    • Add your own text links.
  5. Click on the "Save template" button.

See also "Why is my dashboard widget not showing any data?"

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