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Why can’t I see data after connecting to a Priority data provider?

Modified on: Wed, 29 Jun, 2022 at 11:49 AM

Priority is an addition to the Siteimprove platform that helps you prioritize issues to be addressed on your website. It shows analytics data collected over the previous 30 days throughout the platform; Quality Assurance, Web Accessibility, and SEO, to allow you to focus on the issues found on the most popular pages.

You can learn more about Priority in the article “Siteimprove Priority FAQ”.

Here are the most common reasons why Priority data may not be seen in the Siteimprove platform: 

Mapping to your data provider has not been configured

Once you have connected to your analytics account as outlined above, you can map your sites to your analytics provider.

  1. Go to Settings > Content > Priority data provider.
  2. Click on the Mappings tab.
  3. Click on "Edit provider" to the right of the site. Mapping_tab_in_Priority_data_providers
  4. Select the provider (e.g. Adobe Analytics) from the drop-down in the modal presented.Edit site data provider option
  5. Click Save.
  6. Select the relevant Account details to map the site.
  7. Click Save to finalize the mapping.

The account was mapped but the site index URLs are different

Even the slightest variation in the URL, (e.g., http vs https) can cause the mapping to fail. Make sure that the site URL you are mapping to is the same as the site URL in the Siteimprove platform.

The connection has been revoked

You can check the status of the connection at Settings > Content > Priority Data Providers.

If the status says Revoked, this usually means the user or the private key uploaded for the connection no longer has access to the Analytics provider data.

An administrator (i.e., In Google or Adobe) may have revoked access to third-party apps connected to an account within the analytics provider’s privacy settings. In this case, we suggest you contact your Analytics provider administrator to investigate.

status of Revoked connection at Settings, Content, Priority Data Providers

The connection email has been deactivated

Check if the email that was used to establish the connection to the analytics provider has been deactivated.

If an individual's email address was used, make sure that the email address still has the same account privileges and access to the analytics provider’s data.

There is no analytics script on the site

Ensure that the applicable analytics code is on the site for whatever Analytics provider you are using (e.g. Siteimprove, Adobe, or Google). For further information on adding the Siteimprove Analytics code see:


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