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Marketing performance

Modified on: Fri, 23 Sep, 2022 at 3:00 PM

Marketing performance helps you maximize the marketing impact of your content efforts. The Marketing Performance solution includes the following Siteimprove products:

Marketing Performance





SEO Advanced



Make sure your account is set up

Before you get to work, your Account Owner will need to set up users, sites, integrations, etc.

Check out How to get started as an Account Owner/Administrator of Siteimprove for set-up information.

Start on your Marketing Performance goals

Once your sites have been added, you can start work on your Marketing performance goals. The documentation below will assist you in learning the basics for each product within Marketing Performance.

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Content Experience: Improve accessibility, content quality, and performance

SEO Advanced: Optimize your website to improve search engine rankings

Ads: Audit your ads campaigns for improvements in ads, landing pages, and budgets

Analytics: Gain insights into visitor behavior to make data-driven decisions

Start your Siteimprove Training journey in our Academy

The Siteimprove Academy provides online training on topics including web accessibility, analytics, SEO, data privacy, and more. The courses will allow your organization to get the most out of the Siteimprove solutions. You can see a list of the courses available in the article “Academy Courses for Siteimprove users”.

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