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How to complete the Event Tracking spreadsheet

Modified on: Fri, 11 Nov, 2022 at 12:50 PM

Note: If you cannot add code to your pages yourself, you can submit an event tracking request by filling in this Event Tracking Spreadsheet and emailing it to Please limit the number of events to 5 per form/request. If you need tracking on more than 5 events, please add the next 5 in a separate spreadsheet and support ticket.

Information required for each event

Please provide the following information for each event that needs to be tracked (see Getting started with event tracking for more information on describing events):

  • Category: Provide the name of Category to be tracked, e.g. Form, Email, Dropdown, etc.
  • Action: Provide the name of Action to be tracked, e.g. Submit, Click, Open,
  • Label: Give us the name of the Label to be collected, e.g. [Name of the form submitted], [Email address clicked]
  • URL: Provide the exact URL (or examples of URL structure) on which the event occurs.
  • Screenshot: Attach a screenshot indicating the event that is to be tracked.
  • Comments: Include any additional comments, for example, you could provide the reason you'd like to track this interaction.





[Form Title]

Submit button example of event to be tracked

I need to know how many website visitors submit a contact form

































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