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Siteimprove Frontier FAQs

Modified on: Wed, 17 May, 2023 at 9:28 PM

What is Frontier?

Frontier is the Siteimprove Customer Education suite which includes courses, certifications, community events, and more. 

Who can take Frontier courses?

  • For existing customers, please reach out to your CSM or CSE. 
  • For those who are not Siteimprove platform customers, please email

How do I log in to Frontier? 

Please see our How to log in to your Frontier account article. 

Where can I find a Siteimprove Frontier quick start guide?

Check out the Frontier getting started information at - Siteimprove Frontier: Your solution for online training.

Where can I find more information about the Siteimprove Community?

Please see our Siteimprove Community FAQs.

If people have started a course in Academy but have not finished it, can their progress data be transferred over to Frontier?

For information about course completion information from the old Academy, please email Completion information from the Academy won't be visible in Frontier.

Can users skip a module in a course, even if they have not taken the course previously?

Yes, users can skip modules to view specific information at any time. However, they will not receive a certification of completion for that course. This can be useful when using Frontier as a reference to find a solution to a specific question without having to take the full course. Some courses have optional modules which do not need to be completed to receive certification, but all required modules must be completed to obtain a certification.

Is Team Admin a Siteimprove role, or is it specifically for Frontier?

Team Admin is a specific Frontier role. The Team Admin is able to share course links with users in their organization and will have access to analytics to track user engagement and course completion data. See information on setting up a team admin in Frontier and how to generate reports within your Dashboard

Are users transferred to Frontier or do they need to be created?

Users are created in Frontier via Single Sign (SSO) authentication. They can log in to Frontier with their existing credentials. If you have users who need access to Frontier but should not be able to edit or change anything within the platform, you can create a Frontier Only Role for them

What steps have you taken to ensure the Frontier learning management system (LMS) is accessible?

We have been working with Siteimprove’s digital accessibility specialists and other team members with disabilities to ensure optimal accessibility on the Frontier LMS. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our accessibility please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 

Does Frontier have a keyword search feature to find courses?

Yes, from the Catalog page within Frontier, you can search for courses and filter them using tags.

What is the difference between a Certification and other learning activities? Why aren’t all courses certifications? 

Our certifications are designed to provide you with a rigorous professional development achievement to showcase to employers. To provide that level of rigor, there are two key components unique to certifications: 

  • Instructor-led training 

  • Certification expiration

These two aspects help signal to employers that your certification was a rigorous process that also ensures up-to-date knowledge on best practices.  

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