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How to install CMS Plugin for AEM Cloud

Modified on: Wed, 22 Mar, 2023 at 2:45 PM

This article explains the CMS plugin installation process for Adobe Experience Manager Cloud (AEM Cloud) organizations replacing the "Package Manager Installation" step in the installation guide PDF that you can download on the AEM page under the “Installation and user manual” tab. 

You must still complete the rest of the steps in the installation guide as noted in A Guide to Installing Siteimprove's CMS Plugin.

Installation requires updates and a code commit from an AEM developer. 

We provide a zip download on the AEM page under “Local AEM Cloud Service SDK” that is installed to your local AEM project repository then deployed to your cloud environment. Siteimprove does not host the plugin in a remote repository. 


  1. Create a directory in your AEM project folder, this will be holding your non-maven-central dependencies, for example: <your project directory>/repository
  2. Add the local repository to your reactor pom located in <your project directory>/pom.xml
  3. Install the Siteimprove package into this local repository via the command line using the maven install command.
    mvn install:install-file \
    -Dfile=/path/to/your/directory/containing/siteimprove/ \
    -DgroupId=com.siteimprove.aem \
    -DartifactId=siteimprove-aem-plugin-all \
    -Dversion=2.1.1 \
    -Dpackaging=zip \
    -Dclassifier=cloud \
    -DlocalRepositoryPath=<your project directory>/repository
  4. Ensure your all module includes the dependency.
  5. Ensure your all module plugin filevault-package-maven-plugin embeds the dependency.
    <target>/apps/<your project>/<your structure>/</target>
  6. Commit and push these changes to your cloud environment.

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