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Getting Started with Siteimprove Ads

Modified on: Mon, 7 Nov, 2022 at 3:38 PM

Having a grasp on online advert activity and actionable areas for improvement can save organizations both time and money.

This article is intended to give an overview of Siteimprove Ads and help you get started. 

The following areas are covered:

What are the features of the Ads module?

The Ads product is divided into the following five areas: 

  • Ad Overview, providing high-level graphs, high-level account information, and three key areas to optimize.
  • Insights, analyzes your Ads data and provides you with an overview of the most impactful actions you can take. More information on Insights is provided later in this article.
  • Quality Score Analysis gives high-level information on the account level quality score and allows you to drill down to the keyword level and see what needs to be done to improve the quality score and save money.
  • Landing Page Optimization reviews ad traffic and highlights up to 32 conversion blockers. These are prioritized by severity level and can be dismissed if preferred for 30 days. Also see the related article "What are Conversion Blockers?".
  • Budget Analysis breaks your paid effort into two areas, justified spend vs unjustified spend. This is based on the conversion data you have set up in Google Ads or Google Analytics.
  • Data Explorer contains a wealth of knowledge. Historical Comparison, locations, campaign, ad group, ads, and all keyword-level data can be found here. Here you can view details including what keyword receives the most clicks. We also identify any misspellings in your Ads.

Setting Target and Thresholds

Evaluation thresholds are set in this area and can be changed at any time. The thresholds can be inputted by you and it will determine the point at which we start giving you optimization suggestions.
Threshold areas are impressions, clicks, clickthrough rate, and conversion rate.

Any adjustments you make will be immediately reflected in your Ads recommendations. Changes you make here won't affect your Google Ads account data.

The default Target and Thresholds settings can be seen and edited at:
Ads > Settings > Setting Target and Thresholds

Where do I manage Ads accounts?

In manage accounts, you can disconnect, or add additional Google Ad accounts. User access for each Google Ads account can be controlled via this tab.

The Manage accounts settings can be seen and edited at:
Ads > Settings > Manage accounts

Also see the related articles:

Connecting Analytics

Within Connecting Analytics you can view all landing pages in the account and map them to analytics. You can see all pages, unmapped pages ad mapped pages through filters. You also have the option to disconnect analytics.

These settings can be seen and edited at:
Ads > Settings > Connecting Analytics

What is the Insights Stream?

When optimizing paid search, there are many different actions to choose from, and understanding where to start or how to make the biggest impact is challenging. Siteimprove’s Insights Stream analyzes your Ads data and provides you with an easy overview of the most impactful actions, so you don’t need to do any complex data analysis. Insights allow you to:

  • Get a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the most impactful actions across budget analysis, keyword performance, landing page, and quality score optimization.
  • Increase efficiency by focusing your time on where it really matters.
  • Take advantage of the Insights Stream out-of-the-box, or customize your feed further for thresholds specific to your business.

Some insights might be more relevant to you than others. You can prioritize these insights so you can track their performance.

Insights can be seen and prioritized at: Ads > Insights

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