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How do I stop pages from being tracked in Siteimprove Analytics?

Modified on: Thu, 5 May, 2022 at 12:21 PM

To prevent activity on a particular page or pages from being tracked in Siteimprove Analytics, you can remove the Analytic tracking code from the pages. 

Removing the tracking script from the page will remove page activity data from that time on, meaning that the page will still show up if the date range is set for a time when the script was still on the page.

Using groups to separate data

It's possible to filter out visits to pages using groups. For example, create a group that includes all pages but excluding the pages for which you do not want to view visitor information.

For more information on groups see the article “What is a group?

Also to learn about how to exclude specific crawler traffic from Siteimprove Analytics see, “How to exclude crawler traffic from Analytics”.

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