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Siteimprove presents: Accessibility NextGen

Welcome to the new Accessibility experience. Siteimprove has joined forces with W3C and other prominent industry partners in defining a set of new standards that take digital accessibility testing to the next level and beyond. For Siteimprove users, this means a range of brand-new accessibility checks, helping your organization achieve a higher level of accessibility conformance and improved end-user experiences.

Clear documentation is at the core of the new Accessibility experience, and your team will quickly be on its way to finding and fixing accessibility issues through easy-to-understand descriptions and code examples.

As always, Siteimprove detects and presents accessibility issues, making it easy for you to monitor your website’s state of accessibility. The new product is accompanied by a new powerful engine, which increases the accuracy and reliability of results, allowing you to focus on what matters.

The new Accessibility product is in line with the classic Siteimprove experience, and existing users will feel right at home. But look a bit further, and you will discover several new key features, helping you keep focused on your journey towards accessible websites. This article gives information on: 

Let’s take a moment to go through some of the new features:

Set a site target and work-focused towards your goal

By setting a site target, your organization can focus on your specific compliance goal, while still seeing your progress in relation to the total Accessibility score. You can set a site target on the new accessibility overview page

Screenshot showing that the 'Edit site target' button is located in the top right hand corner.

NextGen Accessibility Target video

Video Transcript file (.docx): Using NextGen Accessibility: Site Targets

Review potential issues and increase testing coverage

Potential Issues takes accessibility testing a step further. Help our robot evaluate potentially problematic content on your website, through an assisted review flow. With your input, Siteimprove is able to determine whether certain accessibility issues do in fact exist and can thereby provide you with better and broader testing coverage.

Screenshot showing an Issue being reviewed on the left hand side of the page.

NextGen Accessibility Potential Issues video

Video Transcript file (.docx): Using NextGen Accessibility: Potential Issues

Identify issues in page sections and speed up your prioritization

With Page Sections, you no longer have to investigate the location of different issues, as Siteimprove will automatically identify issues in sections such as the header and footer. Prioritization and delegation just got so much easier. You can select page sections from the global picker on Issues and Potential Issues.

Screenshot showing the location of the section selector as being in the middle of the global picker.
NextGen Accessibility Page Sections Video

Video Transcript file (.docx): Using NextGen Accessibility: Page Sections

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