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Prepublish content check: How to ensure quality content on your site

Modified on: Wed, 31 May, 2023 at 4:05 PM

Prepublish Overview

Prepublish allows you to check the quality of your content before publishing it to your website. The Siteimprove CMS plugin enables Prepublish checks within your CMS software environment for specific providers. 

Prepublish is currently available in the following CMS plugins: 

The Prepublish functionality helps ensure high content quality that is optimized for accessibility requirements, search ranking, and company policies before being published.

How do I use the Prepublish feature?

For information on the installation and use of the CMS plugin, please refer to the documentation provided for your CMS system at Siteimprove Prepublish

For the new CMS Plugin UI please refer to How to Run a Prepublish Check with the New Plugin UI

Note: You’ll need a subscription to Prepublish in order to use the feature. Contact Siteimprove if you have any questions regarding your subscription. 

What are the key features of Prepublish?

Automated accessibility checks 

Siteimprove Prepublish gives you instant insights into accessibility issues and actionable recommendations to ensure your content is in line with accessibility guidelines and regulations. 

On-page SEO diagnostics 

Siteimprove Prepublish pinpoints where you can fine-tune your content with best practice recommendations to pave the way for SEO success. 

Customizable company policies 

Easily adhere to branding, style, legal, and regulatory requirements with policies tailored to your organization. Our Prepublish functionalities instantly highlight any violations of your brand guidelines across content, documents, and media for a stronger brand presence. 

Instant quality checks 

Create a smooth experience for your visitors and strengthen your credibility with high content quality. Siteimprove Prepublish gives you an immediate overview of errors, making them visible and easy to fix, so your team can confidently publish error-free content. 

What checks are available in Prepublish checks?

The checks available depend on the Siteimprove features within your subscription and your CMS software. Generally, the following checks are available:

Quality Assurance

  • Misspellings
  • Potential Misspellings
  • Language Detection
  • Readability
  • Email Addresses
  • Link Text
  • Meta Tags
  • Trademarks 


We provide our full suite of page level checks at the Prepublish stage. See: A Guide to the Siteimprove accessibility checks.


You can include any content policy in your Prepublish checks, as long as they are: 

  1. Marked as High priority, 
  2. Checked to display in the CMS plugin, and 
  3. Enabled for all sites within the Siteimprove platform.


SEO Technical Issues

  • HTML validation errors
  • Missing structured data markup
  • Missing Open Graph tags
  • Page-level nofollow tags
  • Pages with noindex metatag
  • Pages with frames or iFrames

SEO Content Issues

  • Pages with low text-to-code ratio
  • Empty meta descriptions
  • Missing meta descriptions
  • Pages with multiple meta descriptions
  • Meta descriptions are too short
  • Meta descriptions are too long
  • Empty meta titles
  • Pages with multiple meta titles
  • Meta titles are too long
  • Meta titles are too short
  • Missing H1 tags
  • Empty H1 tags
  • Pages with multiple H1 headers
  • Low content word count

SEO User Experience Issues

  • Images missing alt attributes

Prerequisites for using Prepublish check

There are a number of Prerequisites required to use the Prepublish checks as listed in the following table.

Prepublish subscription
Ensure you have a subscription to Prepublish. Contact Siteimprove if you have any questions regarding your subscription.
CMS plugin with Prepublish functionality available

Make sure you have installed the latest version of Siteimprove’s CMS plug-in supporting the Prepublish check. Visit our Prepublish page showing CMS Plugins that support the Prepublish functionality.

Follow the steps in the Help Center article “How to set up the plugin” and then use the installation guide for your specific CMS plugin found under your CMS logo on the plugin page.

User access to the Siteimprove platform
User access to the Siteimprove platform is required as you will need to log in to your Siteimprove account via the CMS plug-in.
API Key credentialsTo enable Prepublish, you’ll also need a Siteimprove API key. Follow the instructions in the article “How to connect to the Siteimprove API”. We recommend that the user associated with the API key is not specific to a certain person and that the user has either Account Owner or Administrator level permissions in the Siteimprove platform.
Enable Prepublish functionality in the CMS pluginYou will have to enable the Prepublish functionality when configuring the plugin. For details, please refer to the plugin’s installation guide. Installation and user guides can be found via the Prepublish page. Click on the logo for your CMS plugin on the Prepublish page and then the Installation Instructions tab. Screenshot showing the installation instructions tab on the plugin page on Siteimprove's website.

FAQs on Prepublish

Can I check PDFs using Prepublish?

No, PDFs can only be checked after they are published and the site has been fully crawled/scanned.

Can I install the CMS Plugin with only the Prepublish functionality? 

No, to use Prepublish you must install and configure the full CMS Plugin that works with your CMS.

Can I use the API to carry out Prepublish Checks? 

Yes, the “Content” endpoints in the API are strictly intended to be used for Prepublish checks (i.e. “Content Checks”). 

Note: Siteimprove does not provide support or consultation services for custom API implementations.

Do I need a subscription to Prepublish?

Yes, you need a subscription to Prepublish in order to use the feature. Contact Siteimprove if you have any questions regarding your subscription.

Does Prepublish check for broken links?

No. The Prepublish check shows the links but does not carry out a broken link check. Within AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) there are checks for broken links within AEM itself.

Where can I learn more? 

You can learn more on the Siteimprove Prepublish page.


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