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New WordPress Plugin

Modified on: Tue, 13 Jun, 2023 at 3:56 PM

Note: This article applies to version 2.0.0+ of the WordPress CMS Plugin should you choose to opt-in to use "latest experience” under the plugin configurations. If you want to opt-out of the latest plugin experience follow this guide to opt out: How to Disable New CMS Plugin UI.

The Siteimprove CMS plugin is an overlay that, after installation, appears in your CMS platform informing you about issues related to the site/page that you are working on.

The Siteimprove WordPress plugin is the CMS Plugin used specifically with WordPress. The plugin works like a small version of the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform and shows information about published/live pages that are available to the Siteimprove crawler. 

The Siteimprove WordPress plugin has the added advantage of Siteimprove’s Prepublish check functionality which allows you to check for certain content issues before publishing.

Note: You'll need a Siteimprove subscription to Prepublish in order to use the feature. Contact Siteimprove if you have any questions regarding your subscription


  1. Make sure that the CMS site you are installing the plugin on is set up as a site being crawled in the Siteimprove platform (not a local environment). If it is not, see Adding a Site (Tips & Tricks). If you want to test the plugin on a test environment first please reference this article for steps to do so: How to test the Siteimprove CMS Plugin.


  1. The installation of the plugin is easy and it follows the standards of any other plugin inside WordPress, it can be done in two ways: 
    a. Installing it by using the search box on the plugin listing page.

    b. Upload the ZIP file if provided.
  2. After that, the plugin can be activated in one of two ways:

        a.  Immediately, by selecting the 'Activate' button on the 'Add New' page.

b. Selecting 'Activate' on the 'Installed plugins' listing page


  1. Once the plugin is activated a new menu option will show up on the left sidebar called Siteimprove.
  2. To continue the plugin's configuration, the user should click on the Siteimprove menu.
  3. The ‘Token’ field is filled automatically and should not be changed unless a new token is needed. Then if that’s the case the user should click on Request new token to generate a new one.
  4. The ‘Public URL’ should be used in the case that the admin of the website and the final version are located on different domains. Example: The WordPress panel is located at but the final domain, where the content will be displayed is located at In that case, the Public URL field should be That way, the Live Page and Prepublish feature will be synced between the temporary content and the final content displayed on the website and when the checks are done in the editing phase they will reflect later in the final check on the final destination, that is, the Public URL.
  5. Under ‘Plugin Experience’ you have the option to opt out of the latest version of the plugin by unchecking the checkbox next to ‘Use latest experience.’ See more about the latest plugin experience here: How to navigate the New Siteimprove CMS Plugin
  6. The API Credentials should be filled in so the user can use the Prepublish feature. You will need to create an API key following the instructions under How to connect to the Siteimprove API and have a Siteimprove subscription to Prepublish in order to use this feature. Contact Siteimprove if you have any questions regarding the subscription.
  7. After filling in the fields, select ‘Save Settings’ to save the settings.
  8. After configuring the plugin, someone with Account Owner level permissions in the Siteimprove Platform will need to log into the plugin and accept the plugin terms and conditions.*

*You can also read the Siteimprove CMS plugin terms and conditions under Integrations > CMS Plugin Setup


New Plugin Experience Usage

For usage information with the new plugin experience (with the ‘Use latest experience’ checked under the plugin configuration) follow the guide below.

How to navigate the New Siteimprove CMS Plugin

Old Plugin Experience Usage

For usage information with the old plugin experience (with the ‘Use latest experience’ unchecked following these instructions: How to Disable New CMS Plugin UI follow the guide below.

Navigating Siteimprove's CMS Plugin

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