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How to increase chances of feedback becoming a platform feature (Siteimprove Feedback)

Modified on: Wed, 13 Dec, 2023 at 5:14 PM

To submit a piece of feedback for improving the Siteimprove platform, you'll need to make your feedback stands out. To increase the likelihood that your feedback will be applied in an upcoming release:

  • Be as specific as possible 
  • Share your feedback with your team and encourage them to vote for it
  • Make the feedback is noted as a top priority amongst your managed feedback submissions

Elaborate and provide details

When you submit feedback, make sure you provide as many details as possible with your submission. 

  • General steps
    Follow the steps in this general feedback guideline when submitting feedback
  • The problem
    Make sure to emphasize the problem that you have when you work in the platform and how you are missing options, features, and/or workflows that would resolve that problem
  • Details
    Make sure to include as many details as possible in the different fields when submitting
  • Screenshots
    Provide screenshots for context. Screenshots are often very helpful for our triage team
  • Follow up
    If we reach out to you to better understand what you are asking, please make sure to add those details in the comment section or by editing your feedback via the 'Open in Portal' link where you submitted the feedback. Please see the the general feedback guideline if you are in doubt how to open the portal

Share and vote

Encourage any coworkers with Siteimprove access to go to Siteimprove Feedback, provide information about the feedback you have submitted, and vote for the feedback you provided. 

Top priority feedback

To make feedback stand out, be sure it's a top priority. You can manage feedback priorities in the portal by following the steps in our general feedback guideline article. 

For more details related to prioritizing feedback follow this 'How to prioritize' guideline (link below).

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