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February 28th, 2024 – Release Note: Q1 launch

Modified on: Mon, 29 Apr, 2024 at 3:43 PM

This release note gives a high-level overview of all the updates released as part of the Q1 2024 launch on February 28th. 

Our vision for the Q1 2024 launch is to simplify marketing oversight so you get clearer results that help you prove marketing ROI. The features in this launch will enable you to:

  1. Connect your content to business value  
  1. Make swift, impactful, and strategic improvements with AI-driven recommendations
  1. Expand the scope of your marketing governance

For more information on each feature, explore the links provided in each section.  

Content in this release note

Improvements in the Q1 2024 launch

In the following sections, you can read more about which areas of the platform have been updated, as well as highlights of the actual features.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • New feature: AI Generate™ 
    • Get SEO-optimized, content suggestions instantly powered by AI (was released in November)
  • New product: SEO Enterprise 
    • A new SEO product that is scalable for enterprise customers with more than 100K keywords to process. 

Content Experience

  • Update: Lighthouse version 10 for ‘Performance’.
    • Keeping our Performance solution up to date with the recent Google Lighthouse updates.
  • New feature: Funnel Comparison 
    • Compare funnel data from different periods in one view and more easily track conversions.


  • New feature: AI Remediate
    • Solve accessibility issues faster by using AI-generated code suggestions for some of the identified issues.
  • Update: Optimize false positive management
    • An internal update enabling our Support team to manage false positive reports more accurately and quickly.  

General platform update

  • Update: Accessibility 'Shadow DOM’ support
    • Implementation of Shadow Document Object Mode (Shadow DOM) in our Accessibility product. 
  • New feature: Subscription Overview
    • An overview of the subscriptions that a user has, as well as the known limits to the subscriptions. 
  • Update: Modernized Linkchecker
    • Future-proofing of the Linckchecker that provides data for several products in the platform (migration to the new linkchecker will be rolled out in a phased approach between May and October 2024.). 
  • Update: User Interface (UI) update (Q1 2024 version)
    • Consistent language for user actions across the platform (for example the action of ‘dismissing something’).
    • New navigation bars (to be released in April).

In-platform Resource Center

Read more about these releases in the new Resource center directly in the Siteimprove platform! Simply click on the small question mark (?) icon in the bottom right, then navigate to the “What’s new” section. 

 Screenshot of the in-platform Resource Center.

Picture 1: Screenshot of the in-platform Resource Center. 

Deep-dive into the updates

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

New feature: AI Generate™

Why make AI Generate™? 
Digital marketing teams often face the challenge of keeping up with the ever-growing demand for fresh, optimized content to bolster SEO efforts. However, amidst tight schedules and limited resources, crafting engaging and discoverable content consistently can be a daunting task.

AI Generate™ provides AI-generated content, optimized for discovery and engagement, all within the Siteimprove platform. It can analyze the content you highlight, and then create relevant suggestions based on AI.

Where can you find and use AI Generate™?
The feature is currently only available to the North American and Australian markets.
We have created a function within the ‘Target Page Optimization’ page called AI Generate™ which provides AI-generated content, optimized for discovery and engagement, all within the Siteimprove platform. It can analyze the content your highlight, and then create relevant suggestions based on AI. 

Follow the instructions in the AI Generate™ help center article to learn how to find and use the feature.  

New product: SEO Enterprise

Why make SEO Enterprise? 
Large enterprise customers demand fast and scalable solutions for large amounts of keyword data processing (100K+ keywords).

We have created a new product called ‘SEO Enterprise’ to address the need for fast processing of large volumes of keyword data.

Where can you find SEO Enterprise?
SEO Enterprise is a stand-alone product in the Siteimprove platform and requires a subscription to find and use it in the platform. To hear more information on pricing, talk to your contact at Siteimprove. 

Additional information 

  • Additional information about SEO Enterprise will be linked here when available. 

Content Experience

Update: Lighthouse version 10 for Siteimprove Performance

Why do the update?
Google updates Lighthouse regularly. Now that our Performance product is powered by version 10 of Lighthouse, you can rest assured you’re getting an even more accurate performance score.

Where can you find and use Siteimprove Performance (powered by Lighthouse)?
You can find our Performance module in the main menu in the platform: Screenshot of the 'Performance' menu button in the left menu pane.

Picture 2: Screenshot of the 'Performance' menu button in the left menu pane. 

Additional information 

New feature: Funnel Comparison

Why make Funnel Comparison? 
Tracking conversions through your funnel should be intuitive and user-friendly without too much time spent analyzing loads of data.
Funnel Comparison is a new feature that makes it easy to see what has changed in the funnel and understand the impact on different visitor segments.
With Funnel Comparison, you can visualize changes, see the difference in the funnel chart, and view the specific changes between the steps by hovering over the funnel.

Where can you find and use Funnel Comparison?
Follow the instructions in the Funnel Comparison help center article to learn how to find and use the feature.


New feature: AI Remediate

Why do the update?
Siteimprove users often spend too much time fixing small bugs and errors. This leaves less time to focus on goals such as gaining a better understanding of your users so that you can anticipate their needs

AI Remediate streamlines the process with recommendations tailored by AI to your specific web page. This eliminates the ambiguity of generalized code examples, and cuts down the time spent on researching solutions.

Where can you find and use ‘AI Remediate?

The feature is being released to the Siteimprove platform by February 28th and the functionality can be found related to three of the issues that can be found in 'Issues' under 'Accessibility'. Look for the AI symbol in the AI Remediate column:

The AI symbol made out of three small stars can be found in the AI Remediate column where the functionality applies.Picture 3: The AI symbol can be found in the AI Remediate column where the functionality applies.

An account owner can go to Settings > AI Management and decide how AI is allowed on your account. This can be configured on an account level, a feature level, and on a site-specific level. You can read more in this article: AI Remediate (An Accessibility product).

Update: Optimize false positive management

Why update the false positive management? 
We want to make sure our internal team handling the false positive reports has the most efficient and fast system in place to handle the reports submitted by you. With enhanced bulk handling, as well as more transparency within our internal teams, we’re ensuring we can handle submissions from you swiftly. 

Where can you find this feature?
The feature is only available for our internal teams when they handle false positive reports submitted by you. 

General platform updates

Update: ‘Shadow DOM’ support for Siteimprove Accessibility

Why do the update? 
An increasing amount of websites use Shadow Document Object Model (Shadow DOM) to render content for pages. As a first step, we implemented Shadow DOM support for the Accessibility module so pages using Shadow DOM can also be checked by our Accessibility product and the page report can highlight the issues. We plan to eventually roll this out to Quality Assurance, SEO, and Policy, as well.
Where can you find ‘Shadow DOM’ support
 for Accessibility?
For websites using Shadow DOM technology to render content, this content will now be checked and highlighted in the Accessibility page report.

New feature: Subscription overview

Why do the update? 
Lack of visibility of limits and usage of Siteimprove products prevents users from managing their accounts and planning their budget for renewals.
The 'Subscription overview' is one view and database for all usage data in the platform including historic graphs and limit consumptions across sites.
Where can you find the ‘Subscription overview'
Only account owners and administrators can access the overview, which is found in 'Settings'.
a screenshot of the subscription overview found in settings, where different widgets show the usage data for the account

Picture 4: Screenshot of the 'Subscription overview' found in 'Settings', where different widgets show the usage data for the account.

Most of the widgets will be available by February 28th, and the widgets released later will be shown with a 'COMING SOON' badge.

Additional information 
Read more in this Subscription overview article

Update: Modernized Linkchecker

Why modernize the Linkchecker? 
The Linckchecker provides data for several of the products in the platform, and it is important to keep it up-to-date on a regular basis. The modernized Linkchecker uses domain queues instead of site queues leading to better distribution of linkcheck requests, as well as new logs for better troubleshooting. With this new update, Linkchecker is now prepared for the future and will continue to provide correct data for products in the Siteimprove platform.

Where can you find the modernized Linkchecker?
This update is a change to the backend of our platform, so you won’t see any changes in the platform. The update is being rolled out from April 2024 according to a migration plan.

Update: User Interface (UI) update (Q1 2024 phase)

Why update the UI? 
The standards for design and user experience change over time. To match current user experience trends and expectations in the market, we have made updates to the Siteimprove platform for a fresh and intuitive user experience.

What are UI improvements?
We have identified six user experience areas in our near-term roadmap. These touch upon visual design such as brand product unity and consistent language, and interaction design, where we look at navigation and workflows.

  1. Brand-product unity
     Our product UI reflects and supports our brand identity.
  2. Persona-aligned navigation
     Important flows are easy to find, and the navigation helps users understand how our product works.
  3. Clear and consistent language
     The experience feels relevant, language provides guidance, and best practices are followed consistently.
  4. Consistent interactions
     Our product is easy to learn because common tasks are completed in the same way across products.
  5. Simplified workflows
     Short workflows that help users complete their tasks as quickly as possible.
  6. Inclusive components
     A more accessible experience for all customers, including those with disabilities.

For the Q1 2024 phase of the UI refresh we focus on:

  • Consistent language for user actions across the platform (for example the action of ‘dismissing' something).
  • New navigation bars (to be released in April).

Where can you find the improved UI?
Right now, you can see improved consistent language across the entire platform. The different language versions of the platform will be updated continuously.
The new navigation bar (to be released later this year) can be found here when released:Screenshot of new navigation bars at the top and to the left in the Siteimprove platform.

Picture 5: Screenshot of new navigation bars at the top and to the left in the Siteimprove platform. 


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