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The Click Map is a Siteimprove Analytics Behavior map feature found at Analytics > Behavior > Behavior maps.
See also "What is a Behavior Map and how do I add one?"

With the Click Map, you get an overview of every interactive element on the page you are inspecting.

An interactive element is everything you can interact with on a page, including links, text, forms etc. The Siteimprove Click Map can show you the difference between individual links with the same destination. Let's take an example: say you have two links on a page that link to the same destination, one at the top of the page and one at the bottom of the page. The Click Map will be able to display metrics for which one of those two elements performs better.

The Siteimprove Click Map is a quantification of the Heat Map; a visual overlay marking each interactive element with a colored circle. The color of the circle indicates the number of interactions, using the same color gradient as in the Heat Map and Scroll Map, ranging from dark to bright colors. By placing your mouse over one of the circles (elements) on the page, you can exactly see how many times the element was clicked on during the selected time period and the visits to the element on the page. By clicking on an interactive element, you will be able to see a more detailed view of the element. You click up to five elements to compare them in the interactive points table. The interaction points table will be shown at the top of the Click Map.

Let's take a very easy example:

We selected the time period of September 2017. Now we want to see metrics (visits and clicks) for the "Shop" element on Quant's website for the above period. We do this by placing our mouse over the circle or clicking on the "Shop" element. By clicking the element you will be provided a detailed view of the element in a table above the Click Map screenshot.

Visits: In the selected time period, 10 (or 4.05% of the total visits on that page) visitors visited the "Shop" element on the specific page. 

Clicks: Out of the 10 visitors in the selected time period, visitors clicked 12 times (or 1.81% of all clicks on the page) on the "Shop" element on the specific page.

Looking at this data, we can see that a few visitors clicked more than once on the "Shop" element in one session. Read more on what defines a visit and other metrics in Analytics. The Click Map is useful in helping you step back to evaluate both the amount and the kind of clickable options you are offering to your visitors. 

Example of click map

When clicking on more than one element on a page, the visit spread will change from 100% (as seen in the above screenshot) to the ratio of visits of the elements selected in the table. Visit spread shows how many visitors on the page interacted with that particular element. So when all visits of the different elements in the table are added up (40), the visit spread of the "Shop" element mounts up to 25% (10/40). Please note that the numbers are rounded up to the nearest percentage.

Visitor interactions table showing Visit Spread percentage

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